Things that Differentiate Democrats from Republicans

This contrast examines the differences between the policies and political positions of the Democratic and Republican parties on important issues which include taxes, the position of presidency, entitlements (Social protection, Medicare), gun manage, immigration, healthcare, abortion, environmental policy, and regulation. Those two parties dominate the USA’s political landscape; however, vary substantially in their philosophies and ideals.


The last Republican Revolution occurred ten years ago, and it turned off the voters. Moderate Republicans in Congress, especially from the Northeast, will play an important role in holding off extremist legislation. A Republican-appointed Supreme Court may chip away at Roe v. Wade but is not likely to reverse it; the Court may also find itself forced to find some middle ground on the civil union issue. Arlen Specter, as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, can be expected to resist the appointment of ideological conservatives, if only to minimize Democratic filibusters.


The “blue” areas were on the west coast, the Northeast, the large industrial cities, African-American communities (both rural and urban), and university towns across the country. They included many who have been disadvantaged by corporate power (labor, African Americans, Hispanics,


Proportional voting enables people to say how they want to be represented rather than “be distracted.” Both parties, of course, will be turning to their computers to see how they would have fared under these various plans.


Democrats who wanted to do away with the Electoral College after Al Gore’s win of the popular vote may feel more subdued after President’s three-and-a-half million “mandate.” Who wants the country to be controlled by the red states in the South and the West without the “containment” achieved by the Electoral College? On the other hand, they may want to give better expression to the blue voters in the red areas. Eventually, we will probably come to some form of proportional voting, either by congressional districts as in Maine and Nebraska, or (even better) by allocating the states’


Republicans take tough stances on matters, even as the Democratic celebration generally does no longer. Their beliefs and attitudes alternate over the years, and sometimes they violate the core of their standards for various (doubtful) reasons. The excellent exemplar once more is bill Clinton who ushered in NAFTA.


There’s extra standard help within the Democratic celebration for a moratorium on deporting – or presenting a pathway to citizenship to – positive undocumented immigrants. e.g., people with no crook file, who’ve lived within the U.S. for 5+ years.


Republicans are generally amnesty for any undocumented immigrants. Additionally, they oppose previous President govt order that placed a moratorium on deporting positive employees. Republicans additionally fund more strong enforcement actions at the border.

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